Edward Margallo

Visual & Graphic Design

Morgan Hill Marathon

This annual event became the first of its kind in the city of Morgan Hill, California, the southern most region of the Silicon Valley. I conceived the initial event branding, marketing material style guides and interfaces for all digital properties for the event.

Event logos throughout the years, 2010 to 2017
Traditional Print and PDF event documents
Participant Medal Designs 2010 to 2017
Participant Medal and Ribbon Design 2016

Vector Launch

Vector – Mission Patches, pugs, datasheets, satellite config diagrams

Vector became a known and ambitious player in the new space race working to provide quick launch services for the private and government sectors. I came on board to manage the current brand and to improve upon it. In this very interesting position, I assisted the marketing, sales and engineering teams with visuals used for traditional print projects, slide decks and web properties.



GalacticSky aimed to provide a first-ever platform for software-defined satellites in space. The software was tackling a familiar concept of networking that existed on Earth, but was new and uncharted territory in space. Getting potential clients to look into actual real-world uses of the platform would be the biggest challenge.

Icon creation for the software platform. App icon and product solution icons
Slide deck presentation template in PowerPoint
Platform overview and technical datasheet
Diagrams for platform explanation used in slide decks, made in collaboration with sales and product teams
Customer-facing website explaining the challenges faced and solutions offered through the platform

RM Timing Systems

RM Timing – same stuff from Behance

ECORE Design

I founded ECORE Design in 2019 as my own digital design and development agency where I can keep myself busy with freelance projects with businesses big and small, tech and non-tech. I crafted the visual style and identity to encompass a clean and modern material design aesthetic. And of course, I couldn’t go wrong with applying my favorite color palette.

Identity Design Guide
Website UI Responsive Mobile
Website UI Responsive Desktop

Alamitos Vineyards

Located in south San Jose, CA, Alamitos Vineyards was looking to establish their brand and visual identity. Applying a traditional touch of elegance, with a mix of modernism, we spawned an image that keeps their roots in mind, yet reaches out to a refreshing modern aesthetic.

Identity and Visual Style Guide, logo/mark spacing and placement
Identity and Visual Style Guide, color palette and type usage
Identity and Visual Style Guide, screenshot overview
Packaging, wine label design. Front and back labels adhering to ttb.gov specs

Virtual Run USA

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