UI/UX Design & Development

Event Timing App for iOS and Android

Work in Progress An event racing app utilized by race announcers and race organizers on-site, at a live event. This app connects to an event results processing provider which feeds real-time race stats to the user.

Web-based platform for the endurance race industry

LIVE A full fledged race event management and results platform. This web-based serviced is used throughout some of nation’s biggest race event organizations. Features range from event registration, results processing and management all through a robust dashboard.

A launch countdown interface for a live video stream

Concept This rocket startup was aiming to be an on-demand launch provider for the new space race. This simple video interface would provide the usual rocket launch vehicle data for the viewers to digest during a rocket launch stream through their YouTube channel.

A Windows based desktop application for event results timing

LIVE A Windows-based desktop application that works with RFID hardware to time race events on-site, at a race event. The software offered a wide range of features such as database import, creation and management, user editing, robust reporting tools and as well as seamless integration with popular event services.